Updates from Clappia

New feature
21 February 2024

Use Page Breaks to Divide Your App into Pages

Improve navigation and organization in your apps by dividing them into multiple pages. This feature allows each page to host various sections and fields, simplifying longer apps. To create a page break, simply select the 'Insert Page Break' option under the Design App tab, positioned before any section.

This action ensures that in the App Home tab, the affected section will seamlessly transition to the next page, enhancing user navigation.

New feature
22 January 2024

Use AI To Further Automate Your Business Process

Use AI to analyze text and images inside Clappia Apps. Ideal for image processing in quality inspections, audits, extracting, analysing text data, etc. Click here to know more.

New feature
5 months ago

Create App From Google Sheets

If you have your existing data in Google Sheets with some headers, you can create a Clappia App directly by using the newly launched add-on on Google Marketplace. Import the add-on from here.

New feature
6 months ago

Conduct Workflow Trials Without Impacting Live Submissions

Ensure workflow optimization by experimenting with configurations in a risk-free environment, allowing you to refine processes without affecting ongoing submissions.

6 months ago

Attach Dynamic PDFs in Approval Workflow

Attachments of dynamic PDFs are now supported within the Approval workflow node, provided that a print template has been configured for the app. These dynamic PDFs will be sent as email attachments during the workflow process.